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The Lowdown on Mike Barefoot

Mike BarefootHometown—Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina


Hair Color—dirty blond

Eye Color—unusual light gray/silver, not unusual among Highland Scots
or mixed race Native Americans

Family Background—raised by grandparents, now deceased;
guardian for niece who is away at college

Education/Training—started at Wake Forest University,
dropped out due to financial problems and joined the army,
after serving in Iraq, completed Criminal Justice degree at night

Occupation—meteoric rise as a homicide detective in the Raleigh Police Department

Areas of Interest/Expertise—likes to hunt, play pool, hang out with guys, eat, carpentry, loves his truck, keen instincts and “first class” brain have propelled his career in law enforcement


Margaret Daley interviews hero Mike Barefoot, click here.

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Published by:
Abingdon Press

ISBN-13: 9781426757976

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