On the Rez
with Erin Dawson
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On the Rez with Adam Silverhorn

Adam SilverhornHometown—Cedar Canyon, Arizona


Hair Color—close-cropped dark hair

Eye Color—black

Family Background
Son of famous silversmith, Hannah Silverhorn; father committed suicide when he was a boy; maternal uncle Reverend Johnny Silverhorn strong influence; and under the insidious influence of paternal grandfather, Hershal Begay. Sister Lydia and family reside in Houston, off Rez. Two diverse heritages tug at him—Christian background of maternal Silverhorn clan, warrior legacy and political clout of paternal Begay clan.

Education/Training—Undergraduate Arizona State University—engineering, United States Army—combat tours in Afghanistan, Law Enforcement—Navajo Nation Tribal Police

Occupation—Native Gang Specialist with Navajo Nation Tribal Police

Areas of Interest/Expertise—coaches Little League; likes working with teens; horses; loves Rez homeland and never wants to leave; likes to eat; favorite book as a child—The Chronicles of Narnia; torn between reconciling Christian faith of immediate family with ancestral heritage; intent on restoring harmony, beauty and balance to Navajo Rez after infiltrated by drug cartels and gang violence; desire to help his people who like him are caught between two worlds; rodeo

Erin’s First Impression of Adam—“Tall and broad-shouldered. His arrow straight, raven locks cut short on the sides and back like the state troopers in North Carolina. Those high-planed cheekbones.” But balanced against his palpable arrogance; good-time, blonde-chasing guy; dangerous.

March 2014

Published by:
Abingdon Press

ISBN-13: 9781426757990

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