Over the Rainbow
with Kai Barnes
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Over the Rainbow with Laney Carrigan

Laney CarriganHometown—military brat who calls no place home


Hair Color—dark, shoulder-length

Eye Color—almond-shaped, “Kona coffee brown” eyes

Family Background—abandoned by birth mother, found wrapped in a Hawaiian-style baby quilt, adopted by Brigadier-General Tom Carrigan and his German-born wife, Gisela Hoffmann.

Education/Training—journalism degree

Occupation—freelance travel reporter

Areas of Interest/Expertise—chasing a story, waterfalls, stray cats, rainbows, hates SPAM, specializes in high-octane adventures, loves spending time with Tutu (grandmother) and newly reacquainted Hawaiian ‘ohana (family), horses, learning different languages, immersion into new cultures

Kai’s First Impression of Laney—“perched on top of a suitcase like a tiny Polynesian bird.”

Now Available

Quilts of Love Series #12

Published by:
Abingdon Press

ISBN-13: 9781426752735

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